Poster Printing Design Basics You Need to Know

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As a small business owner, cutting down on costs should be one of your priorities. If you’re design-savvy and know your way using Photoshop or any graphics editing program, designing your own marketing tools such as business cards and posters will help keep your budget tight.

If you lack the skills in designing an effective print product, it’s high time you start learning how.

The first thing you should know is the basics. As with all occupations, nobody becomes good at something without learning the ropes, whether by training or direct application. In making effective promotional tools, you need to learn first how to communicate your ideas by following the foundation of simple designs and knowing the most basic types of design.

The Basics of Print Communication

4 Tips for Creating an Effective Poster Design (from Creative Curio)

Posters, like any other print material, are marketing tools intended to inform or persuade a specific audience to take a certain course of action. Therefore, knowing the basics of communicating through this medium enables you to make a compelling design.

The Basics of Creating a Design

How Do You Design a Good Poster? (from Elbowruminations)

If poster printing is a form of communication, then your design is how you say your message. Even professionals take time to review and remind themselves of the basic concepts before making their designs.

The Basics of Basic Designs – Minimalism

Minimalist Design: A Brief History and Practical Tips (from Spyre Studios)

Minimalism, which is the most basic among all design concepts, is still one of the more effective in catching attention and delivering a message within the six seconds a target audience is exposed to your posters and print materials. The key to accomplishing this is by coming up with a simple yet attention-grabbing design that conveys one clear message as featured on the post linked above.

Design Inspiration Roundup

Here are some posts that could give you ideas on how to come up with your own poster printing design. In most cases, a poster printing design contains both copy and visual elements. However, there are times when a copy or a visual, as the sole element on your poster, is enough to convey your message. Designs that use only text elements or make a copy its primary element uses typography while the latter are graphic visuals.


20 Insane Vintage And Grungy Typographic Poster Designs (from Sypre Studios)

Graphic Visual

40 Tasteful Print Poster Designs (from Inspirationfeed)

50 Inspiring Examples of Retro Poster Designs (from Bluefaqs)

Learned any new ideas or tricks for your poster printing project? Do you have suggestions on how to create your poster printing design not mentioned on this post? If so, please tell us by writing your comments below.

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  1. I've been working on designs for a couple of posters, and this was really helpful, thanks. It's always important to remember how well minimalist designs work when you're at the drawing board.

    • Hi Sabina! It's good to know that. You might find other articles here helpful as well. Feel free to browse around. And yes, the simpler, the better!

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