Retooling Your Print Marketing Ideas for Labor Day

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Marketing Ideas for Labor Day - Labor Fest Poster DesignAs the holiday for the blue-collar worker draws near, it’s time to come up with marketing ideas for Labor Day. Reward the middle-class man by making your products and services more affordable. This way, not only would you encourage them to purchase from your stores, but also increase your brand visibility and reputation to people in this market segment.

Here are some labor day marketing ideas that you may want to promote weeks before their actual launching for the benefit of your business, as well as the appropriate print materials to be used for each.

Hold a sale

Nothing gets more customers coming in your stores than an old-fashioned sale. Slash the prices of either your least popular products to gain interest of people to those that rarely gets purchased or your most popular ones to squeeze consumer interest off those products.

Flyer Printing at PrintRunner.comInform your potential customers about your upcoming labor day event by handing out flyers at places with high foot traffic. To conduct the best possible flyer marketing, learn the most ideal practices of designing your flyers, as well as the locations where you can hand out your flyers as permitted by the law. You can start our reading our previous post entitled “Beginner’s Guide to Flyer Marketing.”

A Labor Day sale does not necessarily mean that only shops geared towards the working man could celebrate the event. Aside from said holiday, September also signals the start of a new school year and the beginning of the NFL season. For school supply store and sports bar owners, you can “kill two birds with one stone” by holding a Labor Day/back to school/NFL season sale. This would help you save additional expenses from celebrating multiple events on separate occasions.

Go for coupon codes

Although using coupon codes to instigate your Labor Day sale involves a complicated process, it nonetheless provides you with a wealth of information about customers and your market. Coupon codes allow you to track whether or not people bought from your store during the duration of the sale.

Marketing Ideas for Labor Day - Yumi Kim Shop & Online Store

To maximize the effectiveness of coupon codes, create a unique code for each batch and record how you plan to dispatch them. For instance, a batch can be handed out to people as you would with flyers while another can be given out to customers after making a purchase prior to the day of the sale.

Another method of giving out coupons to potential customers is through direct mail. Purchase from a vendor a mailing list containing contact details of highly-targeted people and send out postcards, brochures, or other marketing tools with the coupon code printed on them to their respective addresses. This is an efficient way of generating leads and sales because you go straight to people who have genuine interest for your business.

If you wish to know more about direct mail services, check out our Mailing Services by clicking here.

Ultimately, coupon codes allow you to scale your marketing efforts based on the number of transactions your customers have made using the coupons. If your direct mail campaign draws the highest number of transactions during your Labor Day sale, then this is cue for you to focus your efforts on sending out more mail to your target market to boost your profit.

To make the most out of your brochure and postcard marketing, read the following posts below:

Gather people for an event

Hosting an event for your customers is a great way to generate leads and build your brand identity to the public. Refer to our marketing communications plan post to have a better understanding about the necessary steps you need to take for an effective campaign planning. has also released a comprehensive guide on how to host a successful event, which you can read here.

Rip CardsRip cards are most suited to be used as event tickets. Unlike other cards, this type has a perforation 2″ from the bottom that can include your tracking code. Once the perforation has been torn away, it means that the card has been used and is now void. This is a good way to avoid possible entries using the same ticket. Check out our rip cards page at PrintRunner here for more information.

Do you agree with the marketing ideas for Labor Day that were mentioned above? Are there any other campaigns that we’ve missed on this post? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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