Have a Great Thanksgiving Promotion By Printing Posters

Fall and Thanksgiving Celebration Poster

Posters are an affordable and effective way to promote any event, from a school bake sale to a raucous rock show. But have you ever thought of printing posters for your Thanksgiving event? Poster printing may not be the first thing that leaps to mind when you think of Turkey Day, but it’s actually a great way to spread the word about any number of Thanksgiving-related happenings. In fact, it’s an excellent strategy because most people feel overwhelmed around the holidays, and your event may escape their attention otherwise. Here are a few examples of events that could benefit from a well-designed Thanksgiving poster:

Thanksgiving Event Examples

  • Family reunions. Since the whole point of Thanksgiving is to sit down for a big meal with your nearest and dearest and express your gratitude, it follows that the last Thursday in November is a great time to organize that family reunion you’ve been thinking about for years. While traditional invitations might seem like a more obvious choice, posters can give a fun, informal feel to your gathering. Try printing mini-posters that you can send through the mail to your far-flung relatives, and make sure to include your contact information so they can RSVP for dinner.
  • Fundraisers. Feeling charitable around Thanksgiving is only natural – and that’s why many groups hold their annual fundraisers in the late fall. Whether you want to help your child raise cash to fund his or her favorite after-school activity or you work with an animal rescue group that could use some extra funding, Thanksgiving-themed posters will catch people’s eyes…and hopefully inspire them to open their wallets.
  • Soup kitchens. Feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving is a holiday tradition for many families, and you can help encourage volunteers to work with your soup kitchen with a handsome, full color poster. Don’t forget to include a website or email address where people can find out more about the particulars of your operation; you may even want to design a poster with built-in tear-away tabs so people can volunteer with ease.

Remember, a professional printing company can help you create beautiful full-color posters with very little effort on your part – they can even guide you through the design process! And posters remain one of the least expensive ways to get the word out. Contact a professional printer today and find out how printing posters can help your Thanksgiving event this November.

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