Put Some Punch in Your Information Packaging With CD/DVD Sleeves

A CD or DVD is a compelling and useful way to distribute information. You can use a CD or DVD to share PowerPoint presentations, disseminate how-to instructional videos, or provide a virtual tour of a facility. But regardless of what you put on a CD or DVD, or how you plan to distribute it, you have to package it to protect it from damage. It doesn’t matter if you’re handing out a CD to 20 people at a business meeting or sending thousands of DVDs in the mail, you don’t want it to get scratched or bent.

Packaging for CDs and DVDs offers more than just protection – it’s also a marketing opportunity. Printed four-color CD/DVD sleeves are an affordable, durable and creative alternative to plastic jewel cases. Think of the sleeves as blank canvasses you can use to telegraph what’s on the disk inside, and communicate additional information. Your company name, logo and contact information are just the basics. With just a little imagination and effort, you can also turn that sleeve into valuable advertising space.

Effective Information Packaging

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