Rack Up Your Business Promotion With Rack Cards

Rack Card Printing at Printrunner.comDoes your company market its services to the business or vacation traveler?  Whether in town for just a few days, a week or even extended stays of a month or more, these individuals are often an untapped, valuable resource for driving additional sales.  Tourists or temporary residents are often unfamiliar with the region and will undoubtedly have a need for everything under the sun: local eateries, auto repair, medical professionals, hair salons, gift shops and more. Take advantage of an opportunity to make these folks feel like your business is their home away from home.

What are rack cards?

Rack cards are a great medium for grabbing attention of an infrequent customer. Most hotels and motels offer their guests access to a host of rack cards for local businesses and tourist attractions. Rack cards are also commonly found at rest areas, convenience stores and other areas frequented by travelers on the road. It’s easy and inexpensive to create a rack card that can snag extra business and boost your bottom line.

Design your rack card with bold graphics and colors, highlighting your address and contact information. Including a small map and basic driving directions from major highways or interstates can be helpful to someone new to the area. Include a coupon for a discount or free gift as an added incentive for travelers to visit your location. Doctors, dentists or 24-hour medical facilities should boast convenient amenities like “Walk-ins Welcome” or “Emergency Services” to attract someone with a sudden illness, a chipped a tooth or a pulled muscle from lugging a heavy suitcase.

An online printer like printrunner.com makes it easy to develop and print stunning rack cards to promote your business. Download their easy-to-use template or let their expert graphics team design a rack card tailored to your specific needs. Full-color 4” x 9” rack cards from printrunner.com are printed on high-quality 14 pt matte or glossy card stock, and can be printed and delivered to your door for only pennies each! Take advantage of great savings with free shipping throughout the month of April, with no minimum order required.

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