How to Rack Up Profits With Rack Cards

One of the trickier things about marketing is that you can never be sure who’s going to be in the market for what at any given time. You have to cover as many bases as possible, while still being strategic about it. In a high-tech era, it’s easy to forget about a high-touch strategy – rack cards.

Rack cards are a simple and affordable way to reach many people. The racks that hold them are placed in high traffic areas like chain restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions. The people who peruse the racks are actively looking for information, and will pick up – and take with them – anything that meets their needs at that particular point in time, or sparks a thought about a future need.

Best Practices for Rack Cards

Take the time to look at what your competitors are putting on rack displays, and use that information to differentiate yourself as much as possible. Ways to do that include keeping the copy short and simple. You only have a few seconds to get – and keep – the attention of someone who’s perusing a rack full of promotional material. A catchy, provocative headline increases your chances of being noticed, as well as sharp, clean graphics. If your design is too busy, you might get someone’s attention, but you won’t be able to keep it.

Quality is Key

Online printing companies are great resources for producing high-quality rack cards. is an online printing company that can help you with both design and printing. uses heavy paper stock and offers coating options that make your rack cards resistant to smudges and fingerprints, and prevent them from yellowing over time, or because of sun exposure. Their online tools are simple to use, or you can easily contact their in-house consultants for personal service.


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