Refining Your Real Estate Marketing Using Print Media

Real Estate Marketing - Manzanita Venture - For Sale Sign

Real estate marketing is a cutthroat business. Considering the number of agents trying to one up each other in a game of networks and figures, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to come up with ways on how to rise above your competition and make an impression to your prospects. Still, one of the better ways to make yourself known to potential clients is to market your real estate services using tried and tested print media. These marketing tools let you connect with your target audience on a more personal level.

Despite the increasing popularity and usage of social media by real estate agents, it is just as important to complement your online marketing efforts with touch and feel marketing tools to make the experience of purchasing land from you much more organic and real.

Before discussing the ways on how you should incorporate print products in your real estate marketing efforts, you must redevelop a brand identity that you will use in all your print media.

To help you determine what your brand identity is, below are a few questions you need to answer:

  • What is my unique selling proposition (USP)?
  • Who are my target audience?
  • What does my SWOT analysis say about myself?
  • How do you plan to implement and follow up your branding using media reinforcement?

For more information about brand identity, read how to create, build, and manage your own. This should help you design the most fitting logo that best defines your identity, which would appear on all print products you will use for your real estate marketing.

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Real estate marketing tools for promotions

Business cards

Since meeting people face to face for the first time is customary in your industry to build their connections, it is important to have business cards with your to hand out to people. This marketing tool enables you to provide potential buyers their contact details so they can reach you using the information on your card.

Real Estate Marketing - Real Estate Business Card

To draw the attention of people, the cards must be designed to make you stand out from the rest. You do not necessarily need to have your cards produced with different materials or a complicated design. In fact, designing according to your brand identity should allow you to be unique and make a statement in the industry.

Aside from the design, you can follow these simple yet effective tips for your real estate marketing using business cards:

  • Use your photo as part of the design
  • Hand out your business cards under the “Rule of Three”
  • Print out business cards with a glossy finish

For a more in-depth discussion about the points mentioned above, click here to read a post from PrintRunner.

Brochures and Postcards

Although both can be handed out to prospective buyers at places with high foot traffic, both are much more effective when used as part of your direct mailing campaign. Once you have determined your mailing list and printed out the brochures to be sent to each, you can expect them to receive the brochure on their mailing address.

The best thing about direct mail is that you are sure recipients are interested in your offers. There are mailing services that lets you choose the demographics or target audience to be included in your list to ensure that the right people will receive your brochures. As a result, there’s a greater chance for them to not only read its content, but also heed its call to action, which is to purchase the estate from you.

Real Estate Marketing - SZ Developments Brochure

If you have no experience with regard to direct mail, we at PrintRunner can answer your questions about how to build and purchase the most appropriate mailing list for your business. Click here to visit our Mailing Services page or call 1-888-774-6889 for more info.

Additional resources

Yard signs and Banners

When selling a piece of land or a residence, what better way to inform people that it is for sale than putting up signs and banners in front of the real estate property. These marketing tools let passersby know that a house and lot is for sale and how interested parties can reach you to bid their price.

Real Estate Marketing - Manzanita Venture - For Sale Sign

What to include on your signs and banners

  • Status of property – Let people know whether the property where the yard sign or banner is erected is for sale, sold, or is currently open for visitors. Use large text for this part so people will easily see what the marketing tool is all about.
  • Your name and contact details – Introduce yourself to passersby by writing down your full name, phone number, and website on the signage. The contact details serve as your call to action in this marketing tool so make it big enough for people to see. As much as possible, focus on one contact detail to compel people to a single call to action.
  • Contrasting colors – Highlight the most important elements of your sign or banner design by using strong colors as their background, while the complementary colors must be used on the secondary information featured on the print product.
For more information on how to properly use colors on your print product, read our post entitled “Understanding Color” and find out how you can implement the Color Wheel on the design of your banners and signs.


  • Promote – Use the print media mentioned above to get your name out in the market. There may be a chance that the business cards you have given out to people have been given away to their friends who is looking to purchase properties at the areas you cover. By spreading the word of your real estate services to people, you also increase your odds of getting employed in the long run.
  • Prospect, prospect, prospect – Always be on the lookout for potential clients lurking in the corner. Bring with you a batch of business cards to hand out when the opportunity arises, especially at real estate conferences or seminars. Send out direct mails on a regular that details your current promos or open houses to clients this coming month. Display your banners with your photo on it to allow people to recognize you as a realtor or sales broker. In short, aim to expand your network by targeting different audiences within your market.
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