Rev Up Your Business with Newspaper Inserts

If you’re a new or used car dealer looking for a way to pull ahead of your competitors, take a fresh look at your local Sunday newspaper. Not at the automobile section – at the loose inserts. Just like direct mail, newspaper inserts can be precisely targeted by marketing area because you decide where the newspaper should deliver them. Compared to direct mail, inserts are a much more cost-efficient advertising vehicle. The cost to you for distribution depends on the amount of geography you want to cover, but it can literally be pennies a piece in most cases.

Leave the Competition in the Dust

You can be more creative with inserts than you can with regular advertising, and just as creative as direct mail. Newspapers can deliver single page flyers, multiple page brochures, even catalogs, in almost any size and printed on any type of paper stock.

Get Help Online

Newspaper inserts are preprinted and bulk-shipped to the publication for distribution. Online printing companies offer many color and paper options for very reasonable prices. is a convenient online national printing company that makes high quality printing affordable for local businesses.

If you have an idea for a printed piece you, but don’t know how to bring it to life, look for online printing companies that offer design services. has highly experienced professional designers on staff. They’ll personally oversee your print job through from beginning to end, and their price quotes include revision and redesign options if you need them. also has in-house customer service representatives that are extremely knowledgeable and always easy to reach.

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