A Thank You Card Shows You Mean It

Most of us were taught when and how to say thank you in person and in writing when we were kids, but saying thank you in a business situation can be a bit more complicated. When is a thank you note appropriate? Should you send an email or a formal letter? And when is a handwritten note appropriate?

When to Write by Hand

In a business relationship, if someone exceeded your expectations with service or delivery, has been really great to work with, provided added value without prompting from you, sends you useful information you may not have seen otherwise, even treated you to a special meal, a handwritten thank you note is not only a nice touch, it’s a memorable one. And because it’s so memorable, that person is more likely to go out of their way for you again in the future. People enjoy feeling appreciated.

Use Great Stationery

Even though you’re writing by hand, you should use well-designed and customized thank you cards. You may be writing as an individual, but the card has to reflect your company’s image. If you have a serious business, you need serious, formal thank you cards. If you have a business that provides services or products that make your customers’ lives easier or more fun, then your cards should reflect that.

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