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As the new school year starts to get into swing, parents, teachers and students know that in order to keep extracurricular activities active, there will have to be some fundraising taking place. Fundraisers are almost as much of a staple of school life as homework, and because of this, people often get burnt out on both throwing them and participating in them. Finding people to support your fundraiser can be difficult. People want to support the cause, but they can often feel overwhelmed by the all the different fundraisers they are being asked to attend. So how can you make your fundraiser a success and not overwhelm people? One way to do so is with the use of brochures. You may be asking, “Huh? How can brochures help my fundraiser raise cash? Aren’t brochures just for doctors’ offices and travel agents?” You may be surprised by how versatile the trusty brochure can be – but you will definitely be surprised by how effective a brochure can be. Let’s learn more….

The purpose of a brochure is to share information. With a brochure’s many sides, you can compartmentalize exactly what information you want to share and how to share it. Your fundraiser is already for a specific cause that you believe in. For example, if you are raising money for your son’s basketball team, you already feel passionately about it. But the problem is that maybe not all of the people you approach about the fundraiser are into sports. Maybe they don’t understand why your son’s basketball team needs new jerseys anyway. Here is your chance to explain exactly where the money you raise is going to be spent. Perhaps the money is not going to jerseys at all, but is going towards renting a gym for practice. You can list statistics on how beneficial being part of a sports team can be, based on scholarship and graduation rates. You are being given an opportunity to share your passion with people so that they can become passionate as well. But here is the most important part: You are not forcing them to listen to a ten minute lecture or give money right away. Instead, you are giving them a brochure and saying, “Here, read this when you get a chance so you can learn more about our cause.” This approach is much less invasive – and much more enticing. People are more inclined to listen when they are given the opportunity to do so on their own time.

You can raise money with brochures. There are two ways you can raise money with your brochures. If you are going to do a mailing or otherwise distribute them to a large number of people, you can sell advertising space. As a donation to your cause, local businesses may want to have an ad listed in your brochure. It is usually a minimal investment for them that can pay off by having a large portion of the community see their name. Another way to raise money is to include, perhaps on the back flap of the brochure, a form for people to fill out and mail in a donation. After reading all of your information they may decide that your cause is something they would like to donate to. This is also helpful for when you are throwing a fundraising event because oftentimes people will have a scheduling conflict and may be unable to attend. With a brochure, they don’t have to attend in order to give.

Brochures are a cheap way to market your fundraiser, raise awareness for your cause and perhaps even raise funds as well. A brochure printer can help you come up with the most effective design to make your fundraiser a success!

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