Tips for Creating Spooky Halloween Party Invitations

When the days grow shorter and there’s a familiar chill in the air, when the pumpkins begin to smile and there are goblins everywhere, it can only mean one thing: Halloween is approaching! What was once viewed as little more than an excuse for kids to dress up and collect candy is now a celebrated international holiday that has spawned a multibillion dollar industry, and children and adults alike look forward to it all year round. Halloween parties offer a perennially popular way to celebrate on October 31st, and of course, the devil is in the details – which means that if you want to throw a party to remember, you’re going to need some spooky Halloween party invitations. Grabbing a box or two from the store will get the job done fast, but it won’t impress your guests, and designing and printing custom invitations can be surprisingly easy and affordable. Here are some ideas for invitations that will make your party on All Hallows’ Eve an affair to remember…or dismember:

Spooky Halloween Party Invitations

  • Always choose full color printing. Color is important when printing party invitations because it sparks people’s imaginations and makes them feel instantly excited. Opt for appropriately ghoulish hues like black, orange, white, blood red, purple, zombie green and more.
  • Decide whether landscape or portrait dimensions will better serve your design. Portrait is the standard, but choosing landscape (or rectangular) invitations will help make your party even more memorable to guests. Plus, depending on the design you’re planning, it could better reflect your imagery; for example, a graveyard scene with headstones and trees silhouetted against a night sky may have more of an impact on a landscape layout.
  • Consider texture. Who says that your invitations have to be on regular, boring paper? Try to incorporate offbeat textures whenever possible, such as glitter, googly eyes or a bit of fuzz or fur. Your printing company may be able to add these extras for you, or you can take matters into your own hands before mailing your invitations out.
  • Embrace unusual die-cut shapes. Here are a few creative examples of die-cut Halloween party invitations: Spiderwebs, ghosts, jack o’lanterns (the outside of the card could be orange and the inside could be black or yellow, like light shining through the cut-outs from the inside of a pumpkin), vampires (his cloak could open to reveal the party details) or bats, haunted houses…the possibilities are limitless!

So remember, if you want to give your guests a ghoulishly good time, you need to start by creating unique invitations that will set the tone for your entire party. Happy haunting!

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