Table for Two? How to Use the Magic of Table Tents

It’s time for outdoor dining, vacation meals, and family nights out. Aside from your restaurant’s placemats, what’s the one piece at least one person at the table always reads? The table tents, of course. If you’re not already using table tents, you’re missing a simple and effective way to market drink specials, new desserts, and a bounty of other delicious and tempting treats to an essentially captive audience. But if you’re already utilizing these tried and tested advertising pieces, there may be some ways you can spice up your restaurant marketing.

Get Seasonal

Diners are often in the mood to try something new, and seeing it stand out in full color photography right there on a strategically placed table tent is just the push they need to place the order. Particularly effective are seasonal delights, from summer-themed ice cream sundaes to craft beers brewed precisely to be enjoyed in warm weather.

Get Social

Do you share your daily specials, promotions, seasonal dishes, and other happenings on Twitter or Facebook? If you do, your table tent is a great place to include a call to action for guests to follow you for discounts and information. Smartphone users may even “Like” your site right from the table as they enjoy their appetizers, which brings us to…

Get Mobile

A mobile marketing strategy can help you stay in touch with frequent diners and create repeat customers. Your table tent can invite guests to join in on the mobile fun for text message promotions, specials, and more.

These are just a few ideas from Print Runner. Table tent content is only limited by your menu and your imagination, so don’t be afraid to try something new.

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