Quick and Easy Guide to Corporate Branding

Any successful business needs the right branding behind it in order to succeed. But how do you achieve this, grab the audience’s attention, and stand out from the crowd? Three key factors to a flourishing brand are to know your audience, understand the industry and find the right style.

Who is your target audience?

To correctly market your business, you first need to know exactly who your target audience is. You can achieve this through in-depth market research, which will show who they are and what they want and need from your product. Once you understand who your audience is you can make sure that your corporate branding is relevant and will appeal to them. The only way that you will grow the business is through successfully defining this market.

How you fit into the industry

Once you have established the audience, you need to examine where your brand fits into the industry as a whole. Are you a value product or a premium brand? If you sit somewhere in the middle, how is your product different from others on the market?

To help you understand this, you need to establish your unique selling points (USPs) and your company vision for the future. Once you know your USPs, you will be able to use these in your branding strategy to set yourself apart from other products. Your future pathway will have a part to play in the branding, depending on how you see the brand growing, what other areas you’d like to develop and any future product launches.

The style factor

For many, the corporate style is seen as the most important part of a branding program. However, without a clear target market and industry segmentation, you won’t be able to visualize the style your brand should have. The use of your earlier research and information will enable you to take the brand in the right artistic direction and produce a consistent brand that doesn’t confuse the audience. Your style guide must cover everything from the use of logos in brochures, advertising, websites and packaging to how the brand is portrayed in written material.

Once you have followed these steps you will be on your way to achieving the right brand and successfully market your product. Corporate branding should not be taken lightly and it needs to be at the forefront of your company strategy from the very beginning. Without a successful brand, your company will not succeed.

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