Warm Up Your Advertising With Vinyl Banners and Bumper Stickers

Spring is in the air. It’s getting warmer every day, April showers are bringing May flowers, and everyone is hungry to get outside and soak up some sunshine. Now’s the season to start reaching your customers where they want to be most – outside!

Vinyl Banners and Bumper Stickers

Vinyl banners and bumper stickers are a great way to get the attention of window shoppers and Sunday drivers alike. They can entice diners with a dinner special, announce a grand opening, or draw an audience to a captivating outdoor event with full color advertising that withstands the elements should the weather temporarily put a damper on all the outside activity.

Don’t forget, too, that spring and summer bring longer hours of daylight, so your vinyl banners and stickers will gain even more exposure without the need for extra lighting. A strategically placed piece of outdoor advertising can do wonders to draw in the right customer at the right time. And they’re UV-cured, so that sunshine that brought everyone out to shop, browse, dine, DIY, and more won’t fade your message.

While vinyl banners are a bit more limited in terms of placement, bumper stickers are a great way to spread the word far and wide about your business, product, band, sports team, or something entirely different in full waterproof color. Let your fans, clients or employees share your message or name across the United States, wherever their travels take them. Even though gas prices seem to be on the rise, all this national advertising will cost you is the price of the stickers!

Vinyl bumper sticker and vinyl banner printing is typically a quick process, even for large print orders. Here at PrintRunner.com, for example, we offer a 4 day turnaround for both services. It’s almost time for summer travel and vacations, so now’s the perfect time to get started with a vinyl banner or bumper sticker campaign.

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