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5 Ways to Know When Your Big Business Idea Isn’t Big at All

A big business idea is all you need to get your respective companies on the brink of success. But how do you know if your big idea will deliver?

Ideally, only the consumers have the power to determine the success of a big business idea – it’s as simple as liking the idea and buying into whatever the idea in your print campaigns tells them to do. Prior to rolling out your plan revolving around your big business idea, however, there is no way to find out whether or not it is going to work. Even the best and most successful companies have come up with seemingly big ideas that fell flat.

However, there are ways to figure out if your idea isn’t as big as you think it is.

You can’t make up your mind

You’re fired up with a great idea, only to find yourself moving to a different idea the next minute. Moments later, you realize that it would be better to throw something in and completely change your idea.

The more you keep going back and forth with your big idea, the more it shows that it’s not strong enough to be used as part of your marketing campaign. As a result, the tendency of your concept is to move away from the context of your advertising problem and solution.

You just have to say a lot

So you have finally decided on an idea or a concept and sit in front of your computer to plan its execution. However, you are unable to deliver your message in a clear and concise manner. You can’t seem to narrow your design down and pin the message with a simple and short copy or imagery.

A big idea could come pouring as if you don’t really have to think anymore. The simplicity of a big idea is its biggest advantage. But if you find yourself  throwing in more words or images into your design, the less likely the audience will maintain their engagement to your message. In this case, you need to break your idea down to different parts and determine which among the smaller ideas you should focus on for your advertising campaign.

There’s just not enough time

As you sit in front of your computer, you work, work, work, and work but still you feel like there’s not enough time to finish what you have set out to accomplish. You’ve decided on an idea and a suitable execution yet it’s just not coming to you when in fact you still have a couple of weeks more!

The more you rush a design or a concept, the more likely you’ll end up doing it wrong. You have to be able to sit down still and think – organize your thoughts and figure out exactly which things you need to do in a chronological order.

You can’t seem to make them understand

When using posters, vinyl banners, or direct mail postcards as part of your advertising campaign, their copy or design should effectively impart your big business idea. If you feel the need to explain how your idea is relayed on print, then you need to scrap your current design and come up with a clearer and more concise marketing message to appear on your marketing mix.

They’re just not interested

Assuming that you’ve finally printed out your marketing tools that have a clear and concise message and are approved by management, you must be ready to hand out or attach them at places with high foot traffic for your target market to see.

If they express indifference, passiveness, and apathy upon seeing your ad, then your big business idea is shaping up to be a flop.

Although you may have invested time and effort into something fruitless as far as achieving the goal is concerned, you can use this experience as a precursor for things you shouldn’t do on developing your next big business idea for your company.


  • When it comes to your copy, aim for clarity and brevity to achieve maximum result. Refer to our previous post “10 Building Blocks of Great Copywriting” to have a better understanding on how to compose your copy.
  • If you plan to use vinyl banners as promote your big business idea, read “6 Steps to a Persuasive Vinyl Banner Design” to make the most out of these large format prints.
  • To avoid confusion on your print ads, consider the theoretical, conceptual, moral, and technical factors when design your marketing mix. For more information, read “What’s Strange About These Print Ad Designs?
  • When you have failed with your big business idea, do not give up! As mentioned, great companies have made mistakes along the way to get to where they are right now. If your idea doesn’t pan out as expected, then chalk it up to experience, move on, and  learn from your errors.

Should you have any questions, suggestions, or additional information you’d like to share with us feel free to tell us by writing a comment below.

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