Die-Cut Labels to Fit Your Unique Product Packaging

Don’t let labels with the wrong size and shape stick out like a sore thumb on your product packaging. It can make your product look sloppy and unprofessional, which may turn off your potential customers. Custom printing die-cut labels that fit seamlessly to your product packaging is the best solution to this problem. Regardless of the size and shape of your packaging, you can count on creating the perfect die-cut labels at PrintRunner.

Our labels are fully customizable, from size and shape to material and coating. You can also use your print-ready artwork as a label design or create one from scratch using our online design tool. With an eye-catching design that is consistent with your branding, you can use these die-cut labels to enhance the overall look of your product and provide important information for your customers such as your brand name and product logo.

Customize Your Die-Cut Labels in Several Ways

Here at PrintRunner, we give you plenty of ways to personalize your labels. Using our website’s product calculator, you can choose the specifications of your labels based on your needs and preferences.

Label Format

Choose between cut-to-size and roll format for your die-cut labels. Cut-to-size labels are individually cut and made to be manually peeled and applied. Pick this format if you want to use your labels as giveaways or when you only need to label a small number of items.

Roll format labels are spooled around a 3” core that can fit most standard label dispensers. Die-cut labels in this format are easy to apply, making them ideal for labelling a large number of products.

Size & Shape

We offer our die-cut labels in several sizes ranging from 0.5” x 0.5” up to 6” x 12” for the roll format and 2” x 2” up to 17” x 17” for the cut-to-size format. When it comes to shapes, there are several standard shapes available: oval, circle, rectangle, and square. Unique shapes such as arch, hexagon, heart, and starburst are also offered in the cut-to-size label format.

Note: If you have a different shape in mind and it’s not in the menu, don’t forget to choose the Custom Shape option on both of our cut-to-size and roll formats.

Materials & Coatings

Here are the materials available for our die-cut labels:

  • White premium sticker paper is recommended for indoor use. It sticks to any surface and can be laminated to make it water-resistant and oil-resistant.

  • White vinyl sticker is waterproof and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • BOPP comes in white, clear, silver metallic, and rainbow holographic. It is suitable for products that are often exposed to oil and moisture.

  • Textured paper is offered in white vellum, white laid, and cream laid. If uncoated, the material is writable. It can also come with matte coating that makes it moisture-resistant and water-resistant.

Die-Cut Labels Q&As

How long does it take to print roll die-cut labels?
The standard turnaround time for our roll die-cut labels is six (6) business days. Keep in mind that business days do not include shipping time, holidays, and weekends.

What’s the minimum quantity for ordering custom die-cut labels in both formats?
You can order as few as 25 pieces for our cut-to-size die-cut labels. For our roll die-cut labels, the minimum order quantity is 250 labels. If you want to save more on your order, we recommend bulk printing your die-cut labels. The bigger the quantity, the lower the price per label.

What’s the purpose of blank templates?
You can use our free and downloadable blank templates in designing your custom die-cut labels. The templates are offered in various shapes and sizes. They contain trim lines, bleed, and safe zone. The files are compatible with most professional design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.