Voting Stickers

Give away stickers of any size and shape to voters and supporters.

Design campaign stickers your supporters will proudly display.

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Order in individual shapes for smaller orders or roll stickers for fast application.

How to Customize Your Voting Stickers

Campaign stickers are a staple in any kind of election. They’re especially crucial in the coming presidential campaign, as distributing enough voting stickers will provide you free promotions wherever they’re displayed.

PrintRunner lets you customize a sticker exactly to your candidate’s branding and vision. Here are the best stickers to choose from:

The following features can be added to elevate the look and feel of your campaign stickers:
    Premium gloss or high-gloss UV coating for a vibrant shine or elegant matte that makes your material readable.
  • Outdoor-friendly white vinyl material that leaves bumper stickers and other outdoor exterior displays appear fresh off the press.
  • Self-adhesive white sticker paper that looks good as new when kept indoors.

How Can PrintRunner Help Your Campaign Sticker Printing?

Here are some perks when PrintRunner oversees printing your political stickers: Choose your preferred sticker format – Individual cut-to-size format works for low-quantity orders. The roll format is suitable for larger quantities that will be applied on merchandise. Fast printing time - Complete your order before 5pm and it will be ready for shipping or local pickup (by 6pm) on the next business day. Easy to use design tool – Need to create your design in real time? Select Design Your File Online at the bottom of the online calculator. Template for download – Do you want to design your vote stickers on your preferred program? Go to the Templates tab on the product page and select download beside your chosen format. You can download templates that are compatible with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop PDF, JPG, and Microsoft Publisher.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to print my voting stickers?
Voting stickers can be printed on the next business day after submitting your order. Complete your order before 5pm so that the order is ready for shipping or local pickup by 6pm the next day.

A complete order means you have paid in full and the artwork has been approved as print-ready.

How do I print my campaign material?
Here are the steps for printing your campaign material.
  1. Input your campaign stickers’ specs on the online calculator.
  2. Create the artwork using our easy easy-to to-use design tool or upload a file.
  3. Select the option you prefer for reviewing your file:
    • I don’t need a proof - You want the file printed without looking at a PDF proof.
    • I need a PDF proof - We’ll send a file for you to review. Please note that the file won’t be queued for printing until the PDF proof is approved.

How much can I save on bulk printing for campaign materials?
The larger the number of your order, the lower you spend on each vote sticker. We recommend ordering in large quantities so that the cost per unit is cheaper.

What is the best size for political stickers?
The most popular political bumper stickers are 4”x 4” (square), 7” x 3” (rectangular), and 2” x 2” (square).
Sizes for custom stickers depend on the shape you choose and the format. Oval and circle stickers come in a few standard sizes for the cut-to-size format. But a wider dimension range is found in the roll format for these shapes.

How do I choose the best material for my political campaign stickers?
Your choice of sticker material depends on how you want them presented and displayed:
  • White paper sticker comes in a shiny gloss, extra reflective high-gloss UV, and soft-colored matte finish. It is ideal for indoor surfaces and objects such as water bottles and laptops.
  • White vinyl sticker is a waterproof material that’s also UV-resistant. Perfect for political bumper stickers that will be exposed to the rain and elements if placed on a car.