Why You Keep Printed Travel Brochures in the Mix

Travel Brochure Printing at PrintRunner.comThe 97th annual DMAI (Destination Marketing Association International) conference is just over 2 months away—this year, it’s being held in New Orleans on July 20-22. Savvy destination marketers are already considering and executing their strategies for the tourism season ahead and are sure to bone up on knowledge at this year’s conference.

Travel Brochures in the Mix

There are many successful strategies out there for destination marketers to customize and develop into the next great campaign, but there is one facet that, even in the digital age, hasn’t changed: the tangibility of print. Travelers love to spend their time poring over beautiful, full page images of their destination, and nothing beats the travel brochure for this purpose.

Sticking with print marketing pieces like travel brochures in destination marketing doesn’t identify your brand or destination as prehistoric; in fact, quite the opposite. Print can easily be integrated with digital efforts in a multitude of ways, from Twitter-based contests to innovative hotel websites that let guests explore and learn. You can even repurpose the creative elements of your print brochure into a snappy iPad experience or downloadable digital brochure.

You may be thinking, “why not just produce an all-digital brochure, and forgo print altogether?” Here’s the answer: while it’s true that almost anyone can download and view or print a digital brochure, you have no guarantee what level of quality the viewing or print will be. Who knows what screen resolution, technology, or printer your potential travelers are using. That’s where the printed brochure comes in. A professionally printed travel brochure gives you absolute certainty you’re putting a beautiful and consistent piece in front of your prospects that sells your destination on every vibrant page.

So when you’re thinking about how to reach the most travelers, don’t forget to keep that old standby – the print brochure – in your mix. You’ll be glad you did!

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