Rev Up the Attention on Your Brand With Car Stickers

Car stickers have been around ever since the car bumper was invented. Now, they have evolved from being a decorative element on your vehicle to a ubiquitous advertising tool. Read on to learn more about why car stickers are good for marketing your business:

Stick a car sticker on your vehicle because all roads lead to better brand exposure.

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Display your vibrant custom bumper stickers with pride.

What is the Difference between Car Stickers and Decals?

So what exactly is the difference between stickers and decals? It all boils down to how you are going to use them.

Stickers are printed directly on a material with adhesive backing. You can peel off the adhesive backing and stick it to a smooth surface. The sticker art is usually design-focused with no specific destination in mind. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Decals are printed on one substrate, usually a masking sheet, and then transferred to a smooth surface. They are intended to be applied on walls, glass, and floors. They usually have a shorter adhesive lifespan than decals. Some decals can be moved from one surface to another without losing stickiness or shape. They are ideal for outdoor use.

A simple way to remember this is: All decals are stickers but not all stickers are decals.

Printing Car Stickers: 3 Things to Consider

Choosing the best car sticker is not that hard to do. Here are three things to consider before creating the perfect sticker that will do all the hard work for you:

  1. Size - First you need to determine where the sticker will stick. Is it a small area or a larger surface? The shape of sticker design can also dictate the size, if it should be a square, circle, or rectangle.

  2. Color - Are you going for a simple monochrome, a few pops of color, or your design calls for vibrant eye-catching hues?

  3. Adhesive - Stickers have different levels of adhesion. Get the temporary stickers if you only need it to hold up for a few hours or days. Get the permanent, heavy-duty vinyl stickers when you want your car stickers to last for years to come.

Just walk around town and you will see vinyl car stickers everywhere – from school names, to popular bands, big companies, or witty slogans. They are speeding advertisements for anything you want to communicate or promote. They are easy to apply, cost less to nothing to print, and last longer. Car stickers are here to stay.

Car Sticker Reviews

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"Pre-production review and ordering were helpful. Details within project, as well as color and overall results were outstanding. Bumper-stickers have not had time to show weathering patterns, but am very satisfied so far."

  "I ordered two different sets of bumper stickers. I received both very timely and they look GREAT!! Easy to use website for ordering and designing. Great Service!!!"