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How You Can Save The Environment Through Recycled Paper

Save A Tree at printrunner.comDid you know that in the United States alone, over four million tons of office paper are thrown away each year? That’s the equivalent to about ninety-six million trees, when you consider it takes about twenty-four trees to produce just one ton of paper. But trees aren’t the only natural resource impacted by the paper-making industry. There are environmental consequences (air pollutants, water pollutants and solid waste) that accompany the actual production of virgin paper, in addition to the consumption of large quantities of oil, water, and landfill space.

Does recycling paper really help the environment?

According to a study by Northern Illinois University, every ton of recycled paper saves approximately 4 barrels of oil and 4,200 kilowatt hours of energy—enough to heat and air condition the average North American home for almost 6 months!While the manufacturing of one ton of virgin paper produces over 2000 pounds of carbon dioxide, the trees saved by recycling just one ton of office paper would absorb over 350 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

Is recycled paper lower in quality or an odd color?

Contrary to popular belief, all recycled paper isn’t brown or rough. Decades ago, recycled paper was often of inconsistent quality, and had a tan, grainy or grey appearance. But with technical innovations, recycled paper is now available in a wide range of colors and grades, including even the brightest of whites.

Is recycled paper more expensive?

The processes used to refine recycled paper pulp can be more complex to ensure quality and brightness, resulting in a slight cost difference. But the quality and smoothness creates a premium paper stock that is superior to many virgin papers.  So for only pennies more, you can select recycled paper for your project and do your part to conserve natural resources.

In addition to choosing recycled paper, be sure to choose a printer that makes a strong commitment to the environment., an online print company, uses only vegetable-based inks helping to reduce the environmental impact made by those inks that are petroleum-based. also recycles all waste paper and printing plates and utilizes one of the most efficient printing presses in the world.

To save the Earth, why not select recycled paper stock for your next project? At you can choose recycled paper for items like brochures, postcards, letterhead or flyers.

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