10 Best Business Card Designs to Inspire You

Business Cards Designs

Handing out business cards is a common practice of turning people into advocates of your brand. Once you’ve parted ways, people can still reach out to your company by referring to the contact details provided on the card.

However, it is wise to come up with a business card that will stand out from the crowd. With the many cards people have been receiving from different companies, a well-designed and crisp business card is what you’ll need to make that long-lasting good impression that could lead to a sale in the near future.

Below are 10 of the best business card designs that you can take a cue from for your card.

Best Business Card Designs

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Designer Koji Sueyoshi is a graphic designer by nature, but he was able to express through custom business cards his mad passion for music. The card draws inspiration from the mixed tape generation, the time when people record songs off the radio using a cassette tape. Although these have been made obsolete by today’s more advanced technology, the legacy of cassette tapes lives on through Mr. Sueyoshi’s business card design.

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WiredTree is a web hosting company that aims to offer superior customer support, innovative services, and advanced server hardware. Ringing true to their name, the company designed two spiffy leaf business cards “wired” at both ends by a knot. Along with its clear font and simple layout, the overall product gets its point across to potential clients about the company’s identity.

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Another way of standing out with your business cards is to show off your lighter side. The transparent business card with a handlebar moustache achieves such effect, as people who received the card can play around and take pictures with it. Not only will you have a greater chance of converting people into customers, but there is also a possibility of your cards becoming viral, thus extending its reach to other potential clients.

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Artists may find it difficult to design a business card that sets them apart from others because of the creative talent that looms in this industry. Instead of out-designing the competition, Egil Paulsen from Oslo took a different route by enabling half of his cards to be turned into an easel to display the painting at the other half.

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Among the numerous letterpress business cards to have come out this year, this ‘60s inspired card by Le Tank Creative Inc. made from 236lb 100% cotton paper is a cut above the rest. To complete the vintage look, the design mimics the ads released during the period – a black and white motif with large text over a minimalist layout. The image of an 8mm is a nice touch to complete the business card of a film and television editor.

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Business cards measuring more than 2” x 3.5” are difficult to keep because they don’t fit the standard business card holder. NationBuilder, however, manages to create a tasteful folded business card design to accommodate its text- and image-heavy content. If folded, the card possessing a straightforward design assumes a regular card size that fits any card holder. Once it opens, the card boasts an image at the center with the company information on its corners. Revolutionary, indeed.

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Design can sometimes be deceiving. Designer Tom Mayes employed a minimalist approach to its card design but used the concept to its fullest potential. From a distance, the black card only shows the word “YES.” in white. Upon closer inspection, the sentence is actually part of “MAYES.DESIGN” with the other black letters printed in silk screen. Simple has never been this powerful.

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As a Character Designer, it is important to show off your skills at the onset. But could a business card be able to help you get your skills across? Ivan Turcin believes so, as his personal business card can be folded into a square, which turns into a cartoon version of himself. The card enabled him to not only show his whimsical side, but also his skills as a character designer by coming up with something outside the box.

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Shurikens or ninja stars embody what a ninja is all about – swift and comes from out of nowhere. In advertising, it is also important to be fast and unpredictable to get the upper hand against your competitors. As part of their marketing strategy, Ninja BTL (below the line), an advertising agency in Lithuania, created business cards in the form of ninja stars to show off their inner ninja. More importantly, the “stars” were appealing enough that they encouraged people to actually visit the site (even though the site is no longer online).

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An adhesive bandage is universally known to cover up and heal minor wounds and small cuts. A nurse pretty much does the same thing for bedridden patients – attend to the sick until they have fully recovered. Considering both their significances, it is only logical for a nurse to hand out business cards with an adhesive bandage design printed on the front.

In your opinion, what’s your favorite card design  featured  above? Are there any best business card designs you’ve seen that you’d like to share?  Leave your comments below and let’s talk about it!

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