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Step 1: Creating a New Document

After launching your Photoshop application,

  • Choose File > New... (See Figure 1)

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+N for PC users, Cmd+N for Mac users

Figure 1

Figure 1

When the New window appears, (See Figure 2)

  • Set the Resolution (raster effects) to 300 DPI.
  • Set the Color Mode to CMYK.
  • Set the Width & Height of your artwork to the bleed size of the product you are creating.
  • You can refer to this this table for a quick list of product sizes and the bleed size to submit.
Figure 2

Figure 2

Step 2: Saving your Files

When you have completed your design, and checked it against the guidelines above,

  • Choose File > Save As... (See Figure 9)

When the Save As box appears (See Figure 10)

  • Enter a filename for your design.
  • Select TIFF (*.tif) as your filetype.
  • You may also save your files as a JPG, but this tends to reduce the quality of your artwork and is not recommended.
  • Uncheck the Layers checkbox, so that your exported artwork is flattened.
  • Flattening your artwork ensures the appearance of your layers is preserved.
  • Check the Save as a Copy checkbox
  • Save the flattened artwork with a new filename, this will ensure you do not overwrite your layered source file.
  • Click Save to proceed.