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Step 1: Create a New Document

After launching your Quark Xpress application, Choose File > New > Project... (See Figure 1) Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+N for PC users, Cmd+N for Mac users

Step 1

Figure 1

When the New Project window appears, (See Figure 2)

  • Enter a name for your project.
  • Set the Layout Type to Print.
  • Set the Width & Height of your artwork to the final size of the product you are creating.

Step 2

Figure 2

Step 2: Exporting your Files

When you have completed your design, and checked it against the guidelines above,

  • Choose File > Export > Layout as PDF... (See Figure 3)

Step 3

Figure 3

When the Export to PDF window appears, choose a name and location to save your PDF, then click the Options... button. (See Figure 4)

Step 4

Figure 4

In the PDF Export Options window, navigate to the Job Options tab. (See Figure 5)

  • Under Compression Options, select None and Keep Resolution for all three image types.
  • Check the Compress Text and Line Art and ASCII Format checkboxes.

Step 5

Figure 5

Next, navigate to the Output tab. (See Figure 6)

  • Under Color Output options, select Type: Composite and Print Colors: CMYK.
  • From the Registration dropdown select Centered and set Offset to 6pt.
  • Under the Bleed options, set Type to Symmetrical and set Amount to 0.125"

Step 6

Figure 6

Lastly, navigate to the OPI tab. (See Figure 7)

  • Uncheck the OPI Active checkbox.
  • When you've confirmed all the above settings, click the OK button to return to the PDF Export window.
  • From the PDF export window, click the Save button and your PDF will then be saved.

Figure 7

Figure 7

We recommend you open your PDF and check that it was created correctly before submitting to PrintRunner.

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