4 x 6 Postcard Printing

The perfect size for your bold artwork and message.

4 x 6 Postcards: Versatile Targeted Marketing That Lasts a Long, Long Time

Looking for an efficient and long lasting way to reach more prospects? 4 x 6 postcards are your best bet for making that happen. Custom postcards are a powerful and captivating advertising tool for businesses and industries of all sizes.

To maximize your postcard printing, make sure you:

  • Highlight your company name, logo, and special message.
  • Use colors and design graphics that communicate what you’re all about.
  • Design your postcard artwork to be more personal so customers and prospects can relate to your message. 

The versatility and timeless appeal of 4 x 6 postcards make it a smart marketing choice for many different industries, including:

  • Weddings – Use them as a Save the Date or Thank You card.
  • Retail stores – Mail discount coupons and promote your next sale to prospects and loyal customers.
  • Dental and Doctors clinics – Send reminder cards to your patients to notify them of their next appointment.
  • Gyms – Display postcards at your reception area or send to members to announce your referral program.
  • Restaurants – Give valued customers a birthday discount card as a way of saying thanks..

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling to customers or a business, 4 x 6 postcards are an effective promotional tool for any industry or application.

4 x 6 Postcard Printing FAQs

What does “Turnaround Time” mean?
Turnaround time refers to the number of business days it takes to print spot UV postcards. Shipping is not factored in.

Which is the thickest material available?
The 16 pt. cardstock is our thickest and most durable material available. It has the most substantial weight making it the least prone to bending and folding.

What is the advantage of having rounded corners on your postcard?
Rounded corners eliminate sharp edges and give your final product a polished look.

Do you offer direct mailing services?
Yes, we can mail your order straight from our printers to your address list. Visit our mailing page to learn more about our fast and affordable direct mailing services.

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Fast and looks great!
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"I needed professionally printed postcards for cheap. They did a great job!"   "Purchased a large banner and some A frame replacements. Turn around time was fast."