Bulk Postcard Printing and Mailing

Getting in touch with your target market is easy with postcard bulk mailing

Why Should You Print Bulk Postcards With PrintRunner?

With every business diving into Internet and social media advertising these days, it can be challenging to set yourself apart from the competition if you decide to join the club.

Postcard printing isn’t exactly an out-of-the-box solution, but this old school promotional method has greater chances of getting you at your prospect’s front door – literally.

We offer several postcard sizes to suit all types of content and requirements. Whether you’re mailing a straightforward announcement, a holiday greeting, or an oversized visual treat, you’ll surely find the size you’re looking for here.

We also have a wide array of postcard materials to accommodate even the most complex styles. If you want to incorporate a more personal touch to your bulk postcards, uncoated cardstock is perfect for handwritten notes. If you’re handling a premium brand, you may want to check out our glossy cardstock options. There’s also matte cardstock, matte recycled cardstock, and high gloss UV cardstock, among others.

Here at PrintRunner, ground shipping is free for orders above $69. There’s more – the larger the order quantity, the bigger the savings because we offer discounted prices to bulk postcard orders. It doesn’t end there: if you’re getting 250 pieces or more, you’re automatically become eligible for our direct postcard mailing services.

Real Estate Postcard for Mailing

Why Should You Choose Our Postcard Bulk Mailing Services?

We know how busy running a business can get, that’s why we’re taking on the hard work to save you more time and effort. All you need to do is provide us with your mailing list and we’ll handle the rest.

Here’s why our direct mail is one service you shouldn’t miss:

  • You can specify whether you prefer to have duplicates removed. We can omit duplicate names and addresses, or entries where the addresses match.
  • You can choose what happens to your postcards in case the recipient already moved to a different address. We can either leave it with the current occupant or forward it for an additional fee.
  • You can choose between first class and non-profit standard postage. If your postcards contain time-sensitive information such as promos and event announcements, go with the first option. You can review USPS’ guidelines for non-profit mail to check if you qualify for the second option.
  • You can specify a mailing date.

Bulk Postcard Printing and Mailing FAQs

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