Updated: 5 Outstanding Booklet Design Examples

A good booklet design can take just about anyone by surprise. The good news is that you can make one too! Your small business deserves all the help it can get. With booklets, you can promote everything your business has to offer.

All it takes is a little inspiration. Here are 5 outstanding booklet designs to get those creative juices flowing.

Booklet Examples

There are different ways to approach your booklet design. Every example featured below found its own way of standing out.


Some booklets put more emphasis on a font to attract attention. Take the design below for example. It features the Geomanist typeface, a clean and elegant sans serif font.

Some business owners have no design background but that won’t matter if you’re basing your design on typography. Let the font do all the work for you.

Design by Atipo


It’s also possible to feature artwork to make those booklets really stand out. This is great if your business caters to children. The example below uses animal drawings to reel readers in. I imagine this is for a zoo in Japan though I can’t be certain. Really cool idea though.

Design by Ryoji Nakajima


Colorful booklets are typically a safe bet when unsure of what kind of booklet design to make. They work best when combined with fantastic typography. Those who have an understanding of how the color wheel works are at an advantage though it’s really not a hard concept to grasp. Some colors work better together than others. These are called complementary colors. But sometimes, colors that contrast makes a better pair. Depends on the situation, really.

The example below makes use of color to its advantage.

Design by Domenic Lippa

Minimalism + White Space

There are cases when keeping graphics to a minimum is the correct path to take. A minimalist booklet design projects simplicity. It also lets you put the spotlight on the product or content itself.

By having a lot of white space, you give your readers room to breathe. Take this awesome example below.

Design by Leon Lee


If you have access to product photos, make sure you use them. Images enhance your reader’s experience. It gives them a better understanding of what you are talking about.

And the images don’t necessarily have to be of your product. It could be of your town, your community, or your employees. It’s totally up to you.

Design by Sue C. Brown


My final thoughts: use one or a combination of the approaches mentioned above. Be as creative as possible. Before sending your design for printing, ask for the opinions of people you trust. If you have friends with graphic design experience, ask for advice.

After you’re done with your design, make sure to check out PrintRunner’s booklet printing services.

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