Outdoor Labels

Custom outdoor labels are great for marking out items that are exposed to the elements on a regular basis. These also come in handy for athletes, mountaineers, and avid campers who need to keep their gear organized while enjoying the great outdoors.

Our labels are made with high-quality materials that have been properly crafted and tested to withstand even the roughest weather conditions from extreme heat to severe cold.

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Your Weatherproof Labeling Solution

What Makes Our Outdoor Labels Different From the Competition?

  • Proven climate-resistance Our outdoor labels are guaranteed not to fade even in the extreme heat of high summer, warp-resistant against excess humidity or pouring rain, and even against damage from frost or the cold of an intense winter.
  • Fade-resistant materials and finishes Colors and images stay bright even through the passage of time.
  • High durability against spills and scuffing These labels can stand wear and tear on the road and can stay in place even when exposed to spills or corrosive chemicals.
  • Strong adhesives You can't peel these labels off easily. Our industrial strength adhesives keep them in place and are highly resistant to being torn or scraped off.
  • Variety of shapes and cut styles Have your labels cut in the exact size and shape that you need. We also offer roll-type labels for marking a large number of items fast.

Where Can I Use Outdoor Labels?

Outdoor labels lend themselves well to numerous purposes whether they're personal, commercial, or even industrial. To give you some ideas, here are some practical applications:
  • Gardening labels for horticulturists, home gardeners, and plant nurseries
  • Home and/or institutional alarms and security systems
  • First-aid and safety kits
  • Shop windows and external retail counters
  • Light trucks, vans, and recreational vehicles
  • Sporting and playground equipment
  • Industrial-grade trucks and buses
  • Field equipment such as cranes, steamrollers, and cement mixers
  • Oil rigs
  • Home or institutional fences
  • Home toolkits and power tools

Do I Have Options When It Comes to Styles and Materials?

We offer two specific label styles: roll-type or individually cut (also referred to as cut-to-size labels).

Roll-type labels are wound around a cardboard spool that can fit most standard dispensers for labeling a large number of items quickly and easily.

Individually cut labels are, as the name suggests, cut to a specific size. These are shipped in stacks, and need to be applied individually, making them a good choice for marking personal, communal, and even institutional items. When it comes to materials, we offer a variety of choices that you can use to create striking and effective labels:
  • Vinyl: The thickest and most durable material we have is recommended for products that will be exposed to outdoor conditions. Adding a glossy coating boosts color saturation and keeps prints protected from the impact of extended use. Our vinyl stickers are available in the following variants and can be laminated with either a gloss or matte finish:
    • 70 lb. label
    • White Vinyl Stock
  • Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP): These gloss-laminated self-adhesive polypropylene stickers are best for products that are exposed to extremes in temperature between -65? to 200?F, as well as water, oil, moisture, and refrigeration. These are available in the following variants:
    • White BOPP
    • Clear BOPP
    • Silver Metallic BOPP
  • White Premium Sticker Paper: Made of smooth, semi-gloss, pressure-sensitive adhesive paper, this material has a writable surface and is appropriate for general indoor applications. Add lamination to make it both oil- and water-resistant

How Easy Is It to Create and Order Outdoor Labels?

It only takes five steps to create amazing-looking packaging labels with maximum impact:
  • Use the Outdoor Labels Calculator on our website
  • Enter the specific details:
    • Label size
    • Cut style
    • Material
    • Finish
    • Quantity
  • Upload your label design or create one straight on our website with our easy Online Design Tool
  • Submit tdoor Label Design for Proofing
  • Checkout – and you’re done!