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Make the most out of custom label printing by choosing the right format. Design and print in any color, size, and shape to suit your project requirements.

Choose PrintRunner for All Your Label Printing Needs

If you’re looking for high-quality custom labels that you can personalize according to your exact requirements, look no further than PrintRunner.

Whatever kind of custom label you need, whether it’s for packaging, food products, beauty cosmetics, or any kind of merchandise—our online label printing services let you customize labels in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.

You can upload your own design or create a layout from scratch on our free design tool. Everything you need to get started on label printing is on our website. You can even download our free print templates to help you set up your design file. Order now and our friendly print experts can also check your artwork file for free to ensure your labels print perfectly.

Print the Right Type of Label

We offer four (4) ways to print custom labels: cut-to-size, roll, sheet, and kiss-cut. What’s the difference?

With cut-to-size labels, also known as individually cut labels, each piece is separated and trimmed according to its size and shape. Our process involves a laser cutting through the adhesive and backing material.

Choose cut-to-size labels if:

  • You only need to print a small quantity
  • You need to apply labels by hand

Roll labels are printed on adhesive paper using a dedicated printer that wraps it around a cardboard spool that fits most label dispensers.

Choose roll labels if:
  • You have a label dispenser or need to apply quickly
  • You want to print labels in bulk

Sheet labels are printed on a single piece of white sticker paper. Our sheets come in size 3.5” x 8”, 4” x 6”. 5.5” x 8.5”, and 8.5” x 11”. You can also choose a custom sized sheet. One of the best advantages of choosing label sheets is you can also print multiple designs on a single sheet.

Choose sheet labels if:
  • You need something easy to stack and store
  • You want to easily divide labels among your team members

Kiss-cuts are printed individually like cut-to-size labels, except they come with a border and backing sheet surrounding your design. When printed, these labels initially come in a square shape. But unlike cut-to-size labels, your label design will only be cut through the vinyl, not the backing.

Choose kiss-cut labels if:
  • You need extra protection for intricate designs
  • You want to print added branding on the border

How to Customize Your Labels

You can print custom labels in a variety of shapes. Our standard shapes include rectangle, square, circle, and oval. If you want something unique, we can also print arch, hexagon, heart, starburst, and even custom shapes.

Our selection of premium adhesives suits all types of label applications. For indoor applications, choose from white sticker paper, premium sticker paper, and Estate adhesive paper. They’re uncoated, writable, and you can add protective gloss and matte coating to enhance your designs.

If you need something more durable and waterproof, white vinyl and BOPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene) materials will last a long time. They’re tearproof, refrigerator-safe, and ideal for outdoor applications.

Print labels today and we can have your order ready for shipping in just a few business days. Enjoy more price discounts when you order in bulk and qualify for free shipping.

Design Your Labels Online

Our online design tool is quick and easy to use! Just follow these steps:

Step 1. Select your preferred label printing specifications such as size, shape, quantity, and material on the order calculator.

Step 2. Click Design Your File Online and you’ll be redirected to the design tool.

Step 3. Use the upper toolbar to upload and search for images, add text and color, and create shapes.

Step 4. When you’re done, you can save your design to access at a later time to Proceed to Checkout and confirm your order and payment.