Takeout Labels

Print custom labels to brand food orders when you deliver to customers. Customize in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials to suit your logo and design.

Takeout Labels

Takeout Labels for Seamless Branding

Print custom labels for customer takeout orders and food deliveries. Brand your products using high-quality takeout labels you can customize on our website.

PrintRunner guarantees premium and affordable label printing for any type of budget. Customize labels in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials. You can upload your ready-made design or create a layout from scratch using our free online design tool.

Save more when you print in bulk and enjoy qualified free shipping on minimum orders. Order now and our print experts can also check your file for free to ensure it meets technical printing guidelines. We also offer free print templates you can download to help set up your file on any editing application.

How to Customize Your Takeout Labels

Printing labels with PrintRunner is easy and hassle-free. Our website order calculator lets you customize from start to finish. Ready to get started?

Choose your label printing format. Takeout labels can be printed in four (4) types: cut-to-size, rolls, sheets, and kiss-cut.

  • Cut-to-size labels are individually cut and shipped in stacks. They are best for small quantity orders and manual applications. Each label is already trimmed separately, according to your preferred size and shape.

  • Roll labels are printed and wrapped around a cardboard spool that can be used with a dispenser. For bulk printing and faster label application, we highly recommend roll labels.

  • Sheet labels are printed on 8.5” x 11” adhesive paper. This format helps save storage space because they’re easy to stack and store.

  • Kiss-cut labels come with a border that protects intricate shapes. You can also print on the border for added branding. Like cut-to-size labels, these come in individual pieces, except for the border and backing sheet surrounding the label.

Design in any size and shape. You can print takeout labels as small as 0.5” x 1” or as large as 9” x 12”. Our standard shapes include square and rectangle, circle, and oval sizes that look great with logo printing. If you have a different design in mind, you can try our Custom Shape option and we’ll trim the labels according to their exact shape and size.

Select durable materials. Choose from our selection of label stocks suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. From premium white sticker paper, waterproof white vinyl, to refrigerator-safe BOPP material—our high-quality label options are made to last a long time.

Add protection with matte and gloss coating. These finishes can also enhance your design. Gloss finish has a vibrant shine and boosts color saturation, while matte coating adds an elegant, anti-glare coating suitable for darker colors.


Are your takeout labels waterproof?
Yes. If you need waterproof takeout labels, we recommend choosing white vinyl or BOPP label material. White vinyl is weatherproof and the most durable out of all the materials. BOPP labels are tearproof, oil-resistant, and ideal for products that need to be stored in the fridge.

What is the minimum order quantity for custom labels?
This depends on your selected label format. You can check the minimum order quantity for each type using the order calculator. Select your preferred label format using the dropdown options and the calculator automatically shows the quantities you can choose from.

How do I create a custom-shaped label?
If your design does not match any of the standard label shapes we offer, you can choose Custom on the order calculator. Then, select the design dimensions so we can trim it according to its exact size and shape.

Can I order sample labels?
You can request a free sample kit that includes our popular print product samples including stickers and labels. This helps you compare our variety of paper stocks, coatings, and features. You can specify the type of product you want to see so we can include it in your kit.

How do I get my design proofed?
Select your preferred label printing specs on the order calculator, then click Upload My Artwork. Choose your file and click I Need a Free Proof under the proofing options. Confirm your order and our prepress team will email you with a PDF proof for approval. Our proofing process includes checking your file for accurate bleed, safety and trim areas, print resolution, and color mode.