Restaurant Stickers

Add a personal touch to your culinary masterpieces.

Designs to Spruce Up Your Packaging

With PrintRunner, you don't need to start from scratch. We provide free sticker templates that are suitable for your business needs. Customize any of the templates below and make your brand stand out by adding text, changing the colors, uploading your logo, and more.

Let Customers Fall in Love With Your Food at First Sight

Impress customers the moment they see your packaging with visually stunning custom restaurant stickers. PrintRunner offers custom stickers that make both your food and brand shine. Whether you're running a restaurant, cafe, bistro, or a ghost kitchen, we can help you entice customers to try your tasty dishes.

Our selection of custom stickers is great for creating a pleasant unboxing experience for your customers. You can use our food-grade stickers on various food containers, takeout bags, delivery boxes, and more!

Not sure how to effectively use stickers in your packaging? Here's how they can work for you:


Custom stickers are a great tool for promoting your restaurant. Aside from applying logo stickers on food containers, you can also use stickers to print QR codes, deals, or discounts to increase brand recognition and attract more potential customers.

Presentation and Labeling

Packaging always plays a significant role in making a first good impression to customers. You can use beautiful artwork on your food labels to excite customers who order your food products, as well as show them how much you value the quality of your food's presentation.

Custom stickers can also be used to keep your patrons informed about ingredients, allergens, nutrition facts, and instructions for preparation and storage of your food.

Food Safety and Security

Takeout and food delivery are essential services offered in restaurants. To help keep the food fresh when it arrives at your doorstep, custom stickers can also work as a seal to ensure that there's no spillage or contamination happening while the food is in transit.

More About Our Restaurant Stickers

Finding stickers that fit your brand is easy with PrintRunner. We make your sticker preferences possible by providing various customization options.

You can print stickers as small as 2” x 2” or dare to be bold with stickers as big as 17” x 17”. We got standard shapes like square, circle, and rectangle, as well as unique preset shapes like starburst, hexagon, and heart that will quickly capture your customers' attention.

Whether you need small or large quantities of stickers, you can count on us to print them all for you. We have multiple formats for you to choose from. Order our rolls and bulk stickers if you need fast application or if you want to get more savings on large orders. For smaller sets of stickers, we recommend that you select our sheets, kiss-cut, and cut-to-size formats.

If your food containers are going to be stored in the freezer or will be exposed to the outdoors during deliveries, there's no need to worry about your artwork fading or getting rubbed off. We guarantee that your design will remain clear and crisp since our custom stickers are made of waterproof, and fade-, and UV-resistant materials.

You can also add a protective matte coating to your stickers if you want to add short, personalized messages; it's an easy way to make somebody's day! Or you can add gloss coatings to your stickers for a more premium look.

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