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Adhesive Vinyl for Messages That Stick

Print promotions that stand the test of time. Durable, versatile, and long-lasting, adhesive vinyl is considered one of the most reliable advertising tools for many businesses. Whether you’re a marketing professional, restaurateur, freelance artist, or political candidate, adhesive vinyl printing helps spread the message and gets your organization noticed.

From product packaging and event giveaways, to window décor and car windshields, there are many ways to utilize vinyl stickers. They’re durable and lasts for years outdoors, making them an affordable, best-value alternative to traditional advertising.

Ordering custom adhesive vinyl at PrintRunner is simple, fast, and cheap. We offer high-quality vinyl stickers in cut-to-size and roll so you can choose which format works best for your requirements. Get creative and customize your design in custom shapes and sizes.

Print as few as 25 pieces up to 50,000. Shop in bulk for even cheaper rates and enjoy free shipping on qualified orders. You can also get an instant quote using the order calculator. Just select your preferred size and quantity to automatically generate your order’s estimated cost.

Order adhesive vinyl today and we can have them ready for shipping in just a few business days.

What Is Adhesive Vinyl?

Vinyl stickers are the toughest sticker material around. Known for their durability and resilience, adhesive vinyl material works great for both and outdoor applications. It adheres to any smooth surface such as steel, glass, or wood. Vinyl is also thicker compared to regular paper stock and comes with a UV-resistant, waterproof coating that can endure extreme temperatures.

Since adhesive vinyl is very durable, it can be applied in many aspects of your business.

Product packaging. Enhance your merchandise and make your product stand out from the shelves. Adhesive vinyl suits most products, even ones that need to be stored in the freezer. For rapid application, order vinyl stickers in roll format. These are printed and attached to a cardboard spool that fits most sticker dispensers.

Equipment labeling. The thick, glossy coating in adhesive vinyl makes them scratch- and fade-resistant. Add your logo to work gear, equipment cases, industrial machinery, and more. You can be sure they’ll stay in place and last long.

Promotional handouts. How about giving vinyl stickers away as freebies? Cut-to-size format works perfectly because it arrives pre-cut individually and delivered in stacks. Include your brand hashtag with an effective sticker design that customers will feel compelled to display on their belongings. This not only increases brand awareness but also enlists clients as your brand advocates.

Ready to get started? Upload your design or create one from scratch using our free online design tool—without ever having to leave the website. It’s easy to design a layout with your own images, add fonts, and change colors according to your branding. We also offer free file checks before we proceed with production, so we can make sure your prints turn out exactly the way you want them to.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your order, contact our customer service team at 888-296-5760 from Monday through Friday, 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT.

Adhesive Vinyl FAQs

Is adhesive vinyl dishwasher safe?
Yes, this vinyl material is safe to wash with soap in the dishwasher. We use durable 3.4 mil. white vinyl that is chemical-resistant.

What’s the difference between cut-to-size and roll adhesive vinyl?
These sticker formats vary in application. Cut-to-size, also known as individually cut stickers, come pre-cut and delivered in stacks. These are great to use as handouts, packaging slips, and freebies for customer purchases. Roll stickers are printed and spun around a cardboard spool. This format can be used with a dispenser for faster application. If you’re ordering in large quantities or need to apply stickers in bulk, we recommend ordering vinyl stickers in roll format.

How long does adhesive vinyl printing last?
Adhesive vinyl can last up to 3 to 5 years. This depends on the level of exposure to heat, moisture, and other elements.

Are vinyl stickers removable?
Yes. Though they strongly adhere once applied, you can remove vinyl stickers using different methods. Try rubbing a damp microfiber cloth or applying oil to moisturize the stock and loosen the adhesives. This may take time, but once the sides are easier to peel off, you can lift and scrape the sticker using a razor blade or thin plastic card.

Is it cheaper if I order vinyl stickers in bulk?
Yes. Bulk printing saves material and shipping costs, so ordering in higher quantities reduces the cost per unit. You can use the order calculator on the product page to select your preferred quantity and check the unit cost of your stickers.