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Sleek Mardi Gras Print Ad Designs for Inspiration

Mardi Gras prompts the season of lent, the time when people observe austerity for 40 days. Because the holiday is rooted to Christianity, cities celebrating the event prohibit brands from providing sponsorship. The prohibition has made…

Disneyland Paris: Santa

15 Can’t-Miss Creative Print Ads of 2012

Print is alive and well, as seen with the different poster ads displayed on walls of buildings. Their goal is to grab your attention, buy into whatever they are selling, and turn to into their…

No Picture

4 Fearless Design Trends to Watch Out For 2013

Small businesses start the year by setting goals and developing their overall plans. A major part of their plan should be to improve the appearance of their marketing tools. You, as business owner, must observe…

Fall 2012 Brochure

5 Well Designed Brochures of 2012

As marketing tools, brochures are meant to inform your target market about your business. However, for people to actually browse through your brochures’ content, your brochures’ design must be compelling enough to grab their attention. To maximize…

Festival del baccalà 2012

The Best Professional Booklet Designs of 2012

The effectiveness of a business booklet depends on its design. The use of colors, images, text, and spacing contributes to the impact of the booklets and determines how people will react to them. Will they…

10 Most Inventive Business Card Designs of 2012

Your business card design separates you from your competitors. It is no longer enough to have an elegant but simple design on your business cards. Make the best impression to your potential clients by coming up…