Milk Labels

Milk Labels

Create an eye-catching product that customers will purchase time and time again. Custom labels are the perfect way to stand out and tell your brand story.

Print Custom Milk Labels That Stand Out on the Shelves

Milk nutrition label

Add your logo and convey important product information to your customers with the help of high-quality and long-lasting custom labels.

PrintRunner guarantees premium and affordable milk labels for any budget. Our labels come in cut-to-size, kiss-cut, rolls, and sheets, which you can customize in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials.

When you print labels online, you can do more than just adding a logo to your product. Label printing lets you play with stylish designs, provide more information like nutrition information and expiration dates, and adds protective finishes.

Whether your dairy products are in cartons, bottles, or plastic jugs, you can be sure our custom labels stick to any surface and last in different types of environments.

Print milk labels today, and we can have them ready for shipping in just a few business days.

Why Choose PrintRunner?

When it comes to online printing, PrintRunner guarantees you get premium quality labels at affordable prices. Writable or waterproof, glossy or matteā€”our labels come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.

Easy and intuitive order calculator. You can easily personalize your label using our website product calculator. All sizes, materials, printing specifications, and turnaround times available for that product are listed for you to choose from.

Instant price quotes. Not sure what type of label fits your budget? Our order calculator automatically generates the price for your selected printing option. You can also choose your preferred shipping options and costs before confirming your order.

Quick printing turnarounds. If you have a deadline, we offer a variety of printing turnarounds you can choose from. Our most popular custom labels have 1-business day printing turnaround options if you're in a rush.

Free file proofs. Aside from free templates and online design tools, we can also check your design file for free to make sure it's print-ready!

How to Customize Your Milk Labels

With custom label printing, you can create all types of milk labels to enhance the best part of your product. Here's how to customize milk labels on our website.

Choose a suitable label format. We offer four (4) types of labels: cut-to-size, roll, kiss-cut, and sheet labels. What's the difference?

  • Cut-to-size, also known as singles, means that each piece is already individually trimmed according to its size and shape.

  • Rolls come wrapped around a spool that fits with label dispensers for rapid application.

  • Sheets labels come on a single piece of sticker paper. You can choose to have the same design or a variety of designs on each sheet.

  • Kiss-cuts are printed individually like cut-to-size labels, except they come with a border and backing sheet surrounding your design.

Print custom labels in a variety of shapes. Our standard shapes include rectangle, square, circle, and oval. We can also print arch, hexagon, heart, starburst, and even custom shapes if you want something unique.

Squares and rectangles are popular because these offer the most space for content and product information, while circles and ovals are ideal for curved surfaces like milk bottles.

We offer various label adhesives for indoor and outdoor applications. For general indoor label materials, we provide white sticker paper, premium sticker paper, and Estate adhesive paper. They're uncoated, writable, and you can add protective gloss and matte coating to enhance your designs.

If you need something more durable and waterproof, white vinyl and BOPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene) materials will last long. They're tearproof, refrigerator-safe, and ideal for outdoor applications.

Not sure what type of label to order? You can request a free sample kit delivered to your address. This kit includes PrintRunner's most popular products and a swatch kit that shows various materials. You can compare label materials and see what size works best for your requirements.

Whatever kind of labels you choose, PrintRunner guarantees high-quality printing services and guaranteed turnarounds. If you have any questions or inquiries, you can reach our Customer Service & Support at 1-888-296-5760.

Frequently Asked Question

Are your labels refrigerator-safe?
Yes. We recommend white vinyl and BOPP for custom labels exposed to moisture and refrigeration. BOPP is a popular choice for food products because of its resistance to oil and ability to withstand cold temperatures. BOPP is available in opaque white, metallic, and transparent material.

Will someone check my label design before printing?
Yes, you can request a free file proof after uploading your design. Our prepress team will email you a PDF document for your review. You can check for any design errors and make necessary changes before it goes to print. This process is free of charge and will be ready within 6 hours after you place your order.

How do I create a custom-shaped label?
If you have a unique design and want us to trim it according to its exact size and shape, select Custom Shape when making your order.

What is the difference between cut-to-size and kiss-cut formats?
Both label types vary in terms of the printing and trimming process. We trim cut-to-size labels through the sticker and paper backing. For kiss-cut labels, we only cut through the sticker adhesive, leaving the paper backing intact. Kiss-cut labels have a border around your design which makes them easier to peel off and apply.

I don't have a design yet. Do you offer free label templates?
Yes, we offer free blank guideline templates to design using your preferred design software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Microsoft Publisher. You can find them below the order calculator in the Templates tab.