Pizza Box Stickers

Boost your brand effortlessly while elevating your packaging in an instant.

Decorate Your Pizza Box Stickers in Style

Choose a template below that matches your brand’s image best. You can customize your design in any way you want by adding text, changing the colors, uploading your logo, and more.

Branding Made Easy With Pizza Box Stickers

Being in the food service industry means everything is fast-paced – from taking orders and packing them for delivery to getting your name out there for customers to remember. If you’re a small business, you must also work hard as you pit your business against bigger pizza restaurants in the area. Don’t let the competition slow you down. Here at PrintRunner, we can help you keep up with the hustle and bustle of running a small business. We offer cost-effective packaging solutions that will not only make work efficient, they boost your branding as well. Our selection of pizza box stickers is great for instantly elevating your packaging and leaving a lasting impression to customers. Below are different ways you can use pizza box stickers to your advantage:

Brand Recognition

Easily peel and slap on a sticker to promote your business. When you place a sticker of your logo, business name, and contact information, customers will always remember you and quickly associate your brand with the delicious pizza they craved and the fast delivery too.


Your own artwork placed on the pizza box can show customers that it’s not just what’s inside the box that counts. Our custom stickers are great for presenting your brand and can reflect the quality and attention to detail you put into your products. They can also give customers an idea of what to expect when the box is opened, as well as inform them how to properly prepare the pizza.


Our custom stickers are not just for branding or decorative purposes, they also work as a seal to keep the box intact, and the pizza hot and fresh while in transit or when being carried out.

Pizza Box Stickers Options

Our custom pizza box stickers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, coatings, and formats. You can choose from the standard circle, square, rectangle shape, or go for a specific custom shape. If you want to bring out your brand’s unique side, you can opt for heart, hexagon, or starburst preset shapes to set your brand apart.

Whatever size you require, we can print them for you! We can print stickers as small as 2” x 2” or as big as 17” x 17”.

Rest assured that we have products to accommodate your business needs.

Need fast application for large quantities of pizza boxes? We offer rolls and bulk stickers to save you time and money. If you need a smaller batch of stickers for your business, we have stickers in sheets, kiss-cut, and cut-to-size formats readily available.

Worried about stickers fading over time? Our pizza box stickers are designed to last with their protective coatings, waterproof feature, and fade and UV-resistant materials. Even if your pizza boxes are exposed to rain or heat during deliveries, your stickers will remain vibrant and intact.

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