Spice Labels

Add personality to your pantry and spice products with custom labels. Print in any color, size, and shape to suit your requirements.

Spice Labels

Identify Seasonings and Herbs With Custom Spice Labels

Small changes can make a difference, and custom label printing does precisely that. Whether you're making homemade spices for your own use or selling at the local farmer's market, custom labels help you track and recognize your products while ensuring that your brand stands out to customers.

When you print labels online, you can go beyond just adding the spice name to the jar. Label printing lets you play with stylish designs, add more information like expiration dates, and add polish to the final product.

PrintRunner guarantees premium quality and affordable spice labels at prices that won’t break the bank. Our labels come in cut-to-size, kiss-cut, rolls, and sheets, which you can customize in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials.

You can do a standard spice jar label that wraps around the container or an arch for a more modern look. We can also print round labels you can put on top of the lid. If you sell these spices in stores, custom label seals can be placed over the lid to emphasize product freshness.

All these shapes can be adjusted to the specific size that you want. If you have a unique label design in mind, you can use the custom shape option to print your label according to your exact size and shape. With custom label printing, the sky is the limit!

Why Choose PrintRunner?

When it comes to custom labels, PrintRunner guarantees fast and affordable printing. Writable or waterproof, glossy or matte—our labels come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.

Versatile order calculator. With any label you choose, you can easily personalize it on our website order calculator. All sizes, materials, printing specifications, and turnaround times available for that product are listed for you to choose from.

Instant price quotes. Not sure what type of label fits your budget? Our order calculator automatically generates the price for your selected printing option. You can also choose your preferred shipping options and costs before confirming your order.

Quick printing turnarounds. If you’re up against a deadline, you can select the printing turnaround time that works best for you. Our most popular custom labels have 1-business day printing turnaround options if you're in a rush.

Free file proofs. Aside from free templates and online design tools, we can also check your design file for free to make sure it's print-ready!

How to Customize Your Spice Labels

To make the most out of your custom labels, here are some quick tips to keep in mind before you start printing.

Select the right label shape and size. Custom labels need to match the size and shape of the spice jar or container. Using a label that's too small will have you squinting when you’re looking for the right spice in your cabinet. Choosing a rectangle label for a curved or tapered container will get creases.

As a rule, squares and rectangles offer the most space for content, while circles and ovals are ideal for curved surfaces. It is best to print out a label prototype first and measure it against your product before finalizing the label size and shape.

Choose colors wisely. Pick a label color that stands out against the color of the spice. This is important when you're using glass or transparent containers that show their contents. If you want a unique "no-label" look, try clear BOPP material. It's water-resistant, tearproof, and gives products a clean and polished finish.

When creating your design, it also helps to add colors and elements that match the seasoning: Red for chilis, green for herbs, and vibrant orange for turmeric. For customers, this makes it easier to tell the spices apart and save time.

Always consider readability. The proper font size and typography ensure your label can be read for a distance and avoid miscommunication. As a rule, anything smaller than 5 pt. is difficult to convey. It also helps to create a visual hierarchy to train the consumer’s eye on what to read first.

Not sure what type of label to order? You can request a free sample kit delivered to your address. This kit includes PrintRunner's most popular products and a swatch kit that shows our available materials, coatings, and features. You can compare label materials and see what size works best for your requirements.

Whatever kind of labels you choose, PrintRunner guarantees high-quality printing services and guaranteed turnarounds. If you have any questions or inquiries, you can reach our Customer Service and Support at 1-888-296-5760.