4 Neat Print Materials to Use for Pet Grooming Marketing

Pet grooming has become a viable business for entrepreneurs to pursue due to the consistent expenditure growth in the industry since 1994 – an estimate of $52.87B is expected to be the total spending made by Americans for their pets this 2012, an increase from last year’s actual expenditure of $50.96B (Source).

The increase in spending attests to how owners have taken the hygiene of their pets much more seriously over the years. Aside from the usual bath and nail trim, pet grooming stores now offer electric toothbrushes, self-flushing litter boxes, pedicure services, and others that keep pets clean and tidy, if not in style.

As more stores are expected to crop up and capitalize on the growth of this industry, business owners will be hard-pressed to draw in more customers to their shops. This is why pet grooming marketing will play an integral role in the success of your store. In order to get to the consciousness to pet owners, you, as pet grooming store owner, must do everything under your power to solidify your branding and impress potential customers with effective marketing campaigns that differentiate your business from the rest.

As an online printing company that specialize in providing our clients with professional print materials for their marketing needs, we at PrintRunner suggest you to use the print products featured below for your pet grooming marketing. Click on any of the links below to visit the order page of the print product and for additional information about each.

Business Cards

Pet Grooming Marketing - Business CardsKnown for being handed out to potential customers or partners, business cards serve the same but, at the same time, different purpose for pet grooming marketing.

Business cards, aside from being promotional materials, are also branding tools that help shape the perception of people towards your business. By presenting yourself in a positive manner through your card design, you can drive more leads and possible sales to your business.

Here are some suggestions on how you can make an impression to your target audience using business cards:

  • Go with gloss. A glossy finish not only help exude an elegant appearance for your business cards, but also protect your cards from getting dirty.
  • Choose thick stock. Aside from making your cards more durable and long-lasting, a thick 14 pt. card stock is strong enough to make an imposing impression of your brand to possible customers.
  • Strive to be different. Choose from different die-cut business card shapes include leaf, round corners, slim, or fold over to really stand out from your competitors.

TIP: Assuming that your customers will be coming back for more of your pet grooming services in the future, turn your business cards into save-the-dates so they can make an appointment in advance using your card.

You can also hold a promo that lets your customers receive a free bath for their pets after getting their pets groomed a certain number of times at your shop as indicated on your card. This should generate customer referral and retention if you maintain your high-quality services for the duration of the promo.

PrintRunner has extensively covered on this blog how people can create effective business cards as marketing tools. Below are links to our previous posts about business card design advice that you can implement to your pet grooming marketing.

Catalogs and Brochures

Pet Grooming Marketing - Pet Grooming GuideSince both share similar usage as marketing tools, catalogs and brochures are best utilized as part of your direct mail marketing. Unlike other marketing tools, both have multiple tabs (brochures) and pages (booklets) that allow you to provide longer and more elaborate explanation about your products and services. This gives your recipients a better idea why they should visit your pet grooming shop and try out what you have in store.

When creating a design and layout for your catalogs, keep in mind of the following:

  • Come up with an editorial calendar. Since catalogs are mailed out periodically to recipients in a mailing list, each mailed catalog must be different from the other. Include your most recent promos for and prices of your pet grooming services so your target audience is updated with the changes done at your store.
  • Emphasize the “end benefit.” Create direction for your catalogs by featuring your call to action at the end once they have read the information in them. Focus not on what you will get once recipients purchase for your services, but what your customers will get once they buy from you.
  • Send out mail to pet owners. Narrow down your mailing list to the people with the highest possibility of visiting your store to make a purchase. Learn how to purchase a mailing list of pet owners by clicking here.

For brochures, simply refer to our post entitled “3 Unbeatable Business Brochure Marketing Tactics” to understand how you can utilize the folds of brochures as a tool in itself for your pet grooming marketing.

TIP: Create a series of multiple mails to your list that inform them of particular ways about pet grooming. You can include the best practices and helpful tips on how to give their dogs a bath or get rid of ticks using your products on sale at your store. Publishing an informative piece about why you should give your pets a bath regularly should help you establish your brand as a thought leader in the pet grooming industry.


LabelsIncrease your profit by selling custom shampoos and conditioners you use for the pets of your customers and packaging them using labels. Aside from building your brand and supply information they need to know before using the product, the design and copy of your labels should attract your target audience to take a closer look at your product, with the possibility of purchasing it after reading its content.

For great copywriting that reels people in to what you have to say and encourages them to perform your call to action for your pet grooming marketing, read this highly informative post entitled “10 Building Blocks to Great Copywriting.”

When it comes to your label design, you need to find out which colors blend well with the base or background color of your choice. Refer to our post “Understanding Color” to learn the complementary and analogous colors for your label design.

TIP: Indicate the ingredients of your shampoo and conditioner on the label so that people will know if they can use it on their pets or not. There are contents in both grooming products that are harmful to the skins of certain pets. Read this guide from the Natural Resources Defense Council for more information.

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