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5 Non-Traditional Ways to Access Business Capital

(Source) According to the Small Business Access to Capital Survey conducted by the National Small Business Association, 53% of businesses are unable to grow their operations without proper funding. This shows that the success of…

Pepsi vs Coke

How to Leverage Price Premium by Building Brand Equity

According to David A. Aaker in his article “Measuring Brand Equity Across Products and Markets,” the price premium is indicative of a brand’s strength. People are willing to pay more for higher-priced brands over others….


Sleek Mardi Gras Print Ad Designs for Inspiration

Mardi Gras prompts the season of lent, the time when people observe austerity for 40 days. Because the holiday is rooted to Christianity, cities celebrating the event prohibit brands from providing sponsorship. The prohibition has made…

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Super Bowl Sunday Marketing Ideas for Your Sports Bar

Super Bowl Sunday is more than just football. From the promotions down to the advertisements released prior to and during the game, Super Bowl Sunday is an annual cultural phenomenon where advertisers take advantage of…