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Keep Everything Safe and Organized With Medical Labels

Safety is always top priority especially when you are in a hospital or clinic. That’s why it’s important to be organized when it comes to medicines, laboratory samples, as well as various medical equipment and tools. Whether you’re a physician, nurse, or pharmacist, custom printing medical labels can help you sort out everything you need. Properly label prescription medicines and over-the-counter products such as supplements. You can also use medical labels to relay instructions on the proper use of the different laboratory tools and healthcare equipment in your workplace. Medical labels can also be used as wall and window decals to display health and safety warnings for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Choose Cut-to-Size or Roll Medical Labels

Custom medical labels are available in two formats: cut-to-size and roll.

Medical labels in cut-to-size format are individually cut. They are made to be peeled and applied by hand, so they’re more suitable for labeling a small number of items. If you want to add safety warnings or remind people about important health protocols, then these labels are exactly what you need.

Here are the other details that you need to know before ordering cut-to-size medical labels:

  • Available in four shapes (square, rectangle, circle & oval) and several standard sizes
  • Minimum order quantity is 25 pieces
  • Made from white paper sticker or white vinyl sticker
  • Comes in gloss, matte, or high-gloss UV coating
  • Prints as fast as the next business day

Roll medical labels are rolled on a standard 3” core that fits most standard label dispensers, making them easy to apply even on a large number of items. Use them to label medical supplies such as medicines, containers, tools, and more. If you want to save more by bulk printing your medial labels, then make sure you choose the roll format.

Here are the other details that you need to know before ordering cut-to-size medical labels:
  • Available in four shapes (square with rounded corners, rectangle with rounded corners, circle & oval) and several standard sizes
  • Offered in custom shape
  • Minimum order quantity is 250 pieces
  • Made from white premium sticker paper, BOPP (white, clear & silver metallic), and textured paper (white vellum, white laid & cream laid)
  • Comes in gloss indoor or matte lamination
  • Prints as fast as two (2) business days

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